Financial Planning Services and Corporate Solutions
"Building relationships and providing values to our clients"
Financial Planning Services
Our main aim is to provide holistic risk management and wealth planning for our clients by tailoring bespoked financial portfolios using various strategies. This helps them to safeguard their lifestyle and build financial goals. As each client has different aspirations and dreams, we promise to put together the best approach to achieve maximum value for our clients.
8 Ways We Provide Value to Clients

There are many solutions to one problem. The idea is to sit down with clients and plan in a way that is the best approach at the given situation and current circumstances. Swipe to find out the types of planning:

1. Life Insurance

Lifelong protection for your lifestyle and family’s financial needs

2. Medical Insurance

Focus on your recovery without worrying medical costs from accidents and illnesses

3. Assets & Wealth Accumulation

Make money work hard for you via savings and investments

4. Mortgage & Debt Insurance

Provide insurance for your outstanding mortgage and debt so that you can have the peace of mind to build your ideal home or businesses

5. Child Education Planning

Give your child the opportunity to enjoy the best education to achieve their aspirations

6. Retirement Planning

Building your desired retirement lifestyle and income

7. Estate and Legacy Planning

Preserve and multiply wealth over generations

8. General Insurance

Your one-stop portal towards General Insurance (including travel, motor and fire insurance)

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Corporate Solutions

Businesses are also exposed to many form of risks. Therefore, we offer solutions to tackle and mitigate these risk and ensure business continuity. Using financial instruments as a tool, we also work with business owners to enhance their employees benefits as well as retain talents in their company.

1. Corporate Insurance

Keyman Insurance / Work Injury Compensation Insurance / Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

2. Employees Benefit

Group Term Insurance / Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance / Group Specialist & Dental Insurance



The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited, a company licensed under the Insurance Act, is an exempt financial adviser authorised under the Financial Advisers Act to provide financial advisory services.

We are Advisors’ Bloc, a group of financial adviser representatives representing  The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited.